Novarad’s PACS System

Novarad’s PACS Systems

NovaPACS has been built from the ground up by radiologists for radiologist. Now, with over 20 years of imaging experience and over 900 installations in more than 15 countries, our solution has been crafted to meet the various needs of imaging professionals worldwide. Built as a completely scalable solution, NovaPACS can be used in imaging centers, or in a hospital environment as a part of a complete enterprise imaging strategy. Our feature-rich PACS system is completely customizable. This allows optimization of each user’s profile based on the unique needs and demands of radiologists, improving both speed and efficiency. The new NovaPACS user interface can display reports, priors and patient histories right alongside the most current image studies.

Benefits of NovaPACS


In the past year, Novarad engineers have added over 100 customer-requested features to our product. We have built our product on the belief that the product should fit the workflow, not the workflow to fit the product.

Disaster Recovery

Novarad was the first company to develop an archiving system that includes two copies of all images for seven years, both onsite and online with a secure, real-time copy to the cloud.

NovaRIS Integration

The seamless integration between NovaRIS and NovaPACS helps to improve overall efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Product Improvement

We are constantly improving our product to reflect both the latest technology and the demands of the patients. Last year we spent 74,000 hours adding more than 100 customer requested features. For example, the newly developed Radius™ Menu puts hundreds of powerful and unique features just a mouse click away, helping you breeze through studies.

Evergreen Product Program

We insist on providing our customers with the most up to date technology. Our Evergreen product program provides you with upgrades, feature enhancements, and the newest software and hardware at no additional cost to you for the life of your contract.


We know your time is valuable. That’s why over 99% of our support requests are addressed within five minutes of calling Novarad. We also allow you to open cases via phone, email, web or social media. 24/7/365 tech support is standard for the life of the contract.

Radiology Information System

NovaRIS allows you to track patient information, procedures, exam status, revenues, and insurance payouts. It also allows you to generate reports based on CPT or revenue codes. With seamless integration, NovaRIS and NovaPACS improve overall efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Manage More Efficiently

NovaRIS revolutionizes the way radiology departments are managed by quickly and easily delivering the crucial information that is necessary to monitor department quality, efficiency, and profitability. NovaRIS allows radiology departments to track patient information, procedures, exam status, revenues and insurance payouts. It also allows users to generate reports based on CPT or revenue codes. On top of that, the Admin Reports function of NovaRIS alerts users to potential problems such as incomplete exams and missing insurance codes. And like all NovaPACS products, NovaRIS seamlessly integrates with HIS or PACS systems.

NovaRIS Benefits


Gain visibility into your operations. Generate reports on CPT or revenue codes, modality activity, referring physician exam requests and orders, even administrative and clinical workflow averaging.


Bi-directional, real-time collaboration throughout HL7 interface means your patient notes, messages, and financial data are shared in a continuous workflow cycle.


The Novarad bi-directional HL7 interface transmits financial information in near real-time, providing a continuous communication loop between you and your billing company.

Clinical Workflow

Easily track patient information, procedures, lab tests, exam status, medication, and patient history. Integrated dictation and voice recognition software enables clinicians to quickly and accurately complete reports.