Konica Minolta REGIUS NANO P CS-7s


Now you can convert your private practice to digital radiography with the Konica Minolta Regius Nano P system. It is a high performance system that offers compact size and dependability! Processing 60 (14"x 17") plates per hour, the Konica Minolta Regius Nano P lets you take care of more patients in less time. The Konica Minolta Regius Nano P features intelligent control station software with auto recognition and self learning capabilities. You will be able to generate high quality diagnostic images with minimal training and fewer steps for improved workflow.

The Konica Minolta CS-7 provides a simple and intuitive user interface for complete workflow control. From the collection of patient data to image optimization, flexibility and ease of use are guaranteed. The CS-7 features an intuitive user interface and provides complete workflow control. The system has the ability to control the X-ray generator and all current Konica Minolta CR systems.


Key benefits of the Konica Minolta Regius Nano P include:

  • Cassette release handle allows user access to remove a jammed cassette
  • Intelligent systems adjust image quality to your preference
  • Dual reader orientation option for customized space utilization
  • Optical unit sweeper enables self-maintenance and longer product lifetime
  • Patented, rigid image plate is contact free within the CR Reader eliminating the potential for image artifacts and extends the life of the plate

Key benefits of the Konica Minolta CS-7 Console include:

  • Under 3 second preview times
  • Full generator controls
  • User friendly interface
  • Touch screen monitor and keyboard

Tech Specs

ThroughputApproximately 60 plates an hour (14" x 17")
Cassette Cycle TimeApproximately 47 seconds (14" x 17")
DICOM ConnectivityDICOM Storage SCU
DICOM Modality Worklist Management
DICOM Storage Commitment SCU
Imaging Plates (IPs)14" x 17" (35 x 43cm)
14" x 14" (35 x 35cm)
11" x 14"
10" x 12"
24 x 30cm
15 x 30cm
18 x 24cm
DimensionsWidth: 29.1" Depth: 14.4" Height: 29.4"
Power Requirements110 VAC; 50/60Hz; Approx 700VA or less